About Sabretooth

The latest generation in GelSpun fibre braiding technology. Manufactured from 100% Spectra Fibre. Spectra is the registered trade mark of the Honeywell Corporation. Spectra Fibre is 10 times stronger then Steel, but our proprietary braiding system makes it as smooth, and soft as a Silk. Our High Tension Bonding ensures, a round compact braid providing excellent castability, and resists burying into spool.

Sabretooth has little or no stretch, making it easy to detect the softest of bites that you normally would have missed. Sabretooth 's tight braid has no memory and consequently rod tip knots and wind knots are never a problem as with older technologies.

• Sabretooth is available in Stealth Green and Hi Vis Yellow in the following spool sizes and tests.

• 125 Yard, 300 Yard & 1500 Yard Spools

Pound Test
6 1
8 2
10 4
15 6
20 8
30 10
50 12
65 16
80 18
100 20
150 30
200 50
250 80

Sabretotth is suitable for all Fishing Reels in any application, and unlike previous generation, Sabretooth will never cut into your Rod Guides or Line roller on Spinning Reels.

Have no Fear
Fishing in the heaviest cover, Weed Wood etc. Sabretooth will drag them out of anything you can throw it at.
Superior Handling
Sabretooth spools off any Reel effortlessly cast after cast, Reel size makes no difference. Casts are longer and more accurate because of Sabretooth ’s softer texture.

Hooking Up
A flick of the wrist is more then enough to set the hook on most fish, but be careful to set your drag appropriately, because low stretch lines have been known to break Rods even in the smallest of diameters. Replacing a Rod can be costly, so adjusting your drag system according to conditions is highly recommended.

Jerkbait or Crankbait
Sabretooth s fine diameter cuts through the water effortlessly with little or no resistance, allowing baits to dive deeper without hampering the natural side to side action of the lure.

River Fishing
Whether drifting or Float fishing Sabretooth 's sensitivity and lack of memory are a real bonus to feeling the bottom, and making ultra long casts.

Spooling up
Sabretooth is very slick and slippery, and it is recommended to apply a small piece of tape on the barrel of the spool before attaching. This will ensure a secure bond, and prevent line from spinning on the spool. This may also be accomplished by securing a small piece of mono onto the reel and then attaching the Sabretooth to the mono. Either method is satisfactory.

Fly Fishing
Backing your fly line with Sabretooth adds range and superior control because of the reduced drag of the smaller diameter mirobraid.

Saltwater spooling (backing)
Secure Sabretooth to the spool as above, and load the desired quantity and top off with your choice of Mono. The ultra small diameter of Sabretooth gives you many times the yardage of Monofilament a huge asset in deep sea fishing for Tuna and Marlin.